Spectra Home is in Motion!

On the eve of High Point Market, we’ve got some big news to share: We’re entering the motion and home entertainment category for the first time following the acquisition of RowOne® by our parent company Shayne Global Holdings.

At Market this week, we’re showing off RowOne’s product capabilities in a dedicated theater room built inside our showroom. This is particularly exciting because Row One is known as a home theater room specialist with a reputation for high quality, luxurious seating comfort, and innovative, technology-driven designs. While the company has long focused on dedicated AV home theater rooms, the product offering is now expanding to encompass motion silhouettes for the family room as well. 

With a design aesthetic that complements Spectra Home, expect to see new power motion silhouettes that more closely resemble stationary sofas than typical motion products. (Our President Robert Cribbs, who launched RowOne, calls it motion without the cupholders).

We know that consumers now are drawn to a mix of deep-seated lifestyle looks that accommodate the whole family and their dog, and they don’t always want their family room to look like a dedicated home theater with a line of chairs. This makes the merger of RowOne’s manufacturing and design capabilities with our sophisticated upholstered furniture line-up particularly right for the times.

Get ready to kick back and put your feet up in style, because our team is tuned in, turned on and ready to go!

The New Spectra Home

Welcome to the all-new Spectra Home! We’re glad you’re here and look forward to seeing you in our thoroughly redesigned showroom at the High Point Market this week, located at 200 N. Hamilton (entrance under the awning on Fred Alexander Place). We’re set to start and end your day in the Design District with buzzy breakfasts each morning and a globally inspired moveable feast and cocktail every evening.

Along with this newly revamped, user-friendly website (which you’ve likely noticed now offers a password-protected portal for dealers and designers), we’ve got more in store than a single blog post can describe, so keep an eye on this space for lots of news and exciting updates.

Logan Ottoman
2 Chip Chairs

For now, here are our Cribb Notes (named for President Robert Cribbs who joined the executive team this past summer).

  1. Spectra Home really is “all new” this Market, starting with our largest new product offering ever. With the merger of Palatial Leather and Spectra Home complete, our entire product line has been re-shaped and reimagined. For the first time ever, all the new product we’re showing here in High Point this week is already stocked and ready for immediate delivery. That’s a big change for us, but we’re so confident in the scale, price and remarkable values of our new designs, we’ve committed to stocking the goods as they launch!

  2. Special order is now a universal capability throughout our entire line, and not limited to select frames and fabrics. All of our sexy, high-quality, bench-made, eight-way hand-tied silhouettes are fully customizable, with any fabric or leather on any frame. Period. Feel free to change the nail heads and finishes too!

  3. We’ve got a new program with your name on it. From our new Platinum Warehouse Program which rewards significant commitments with special pricing, free catalogs and fabric samples, to Spectra Home Final Mile, our new white glove delivery service, you’ll find that we’ve re-evaluated everything to ensure that you are at the heart of everything we do.

And this is just the beginning. We’re energized and excited and can’t wait to show you all that we’ve been up to!